When he was growing up, future landscape visionary Michael Brennan viewed his Nana as his inspiration.

“She set an example of unconditional love and respect for all people,” Brennan said. “She was a master gardener in her own right and helped me learn the names of all the plants in her backyard, which was like a botanical garden.”

Today, Brennan is a successful landscape architect and LEED-certified professional whose firm, Carson Douglas Landscape Architecture, (CDLA), has offices in both San Diego and Edgecomb, Maine.

And as of November 2017, Brennan is president of the local chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA).

He has defined his goals for his tenure as, “to empower and engage the next generation of landscape architects, promoting diversity in all levels of our profession, and elevating the role of landscape architecture in the public realm.”

Brennan co-owns CDLA — a boutique design firm that focuses on high-end residential and commercial clients — with William Carson Joyce, his East Coast partner. The firm’s name, Carson Douglas, comes from the middle names of each partner.

Some of Brennan’s notable local work includes the Orchid Award-winning Sofia Lofts in Golden Hill, a LEED-platinum development centered around a renovated historic residence; and Alcazar Court, the historic bungalow renovation in the heart of Hillcrest and SOHO Preservation Award winner.

The firm also has a substantial portfolio of clients in New England.

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