The Committee that welcomes fresh faces to our local chapter and introduces exciting and engaging ways to establish long-term sustaining members has made great strides in 2013.

We are a variety of professionals in school, recently graduated, recently hired, and recently licensed and unite these aspiring Landscape Architects with knowledgeable experts of the trade for mentorship. In an effort to accomplish our mission of supporting licensure and making ASLA-SD membership fun and fulfilling for new members, we have accomplished the following tasks this year:

  • Established a regular monthly meeting to continuously welcome new members and build momentum from month-to-month
    Developed a media and social media presence by creating our own page on the Chapter website, streamlining our logo with the Chapter, building a strongly supported facebook page, and working with Ty Sterns, Vice President of Visibility/Public Affairs, to photographically document Chapter events
  • Built a strong foundation of volunteers for events like the Pacific Beach, Mission Beach, and Mission Bay AIA Sustainable Planning event in December and the 3-day Irrigation Workshops in January
  • United forces with Joe Dodd, Vice President of Social Activities, to coordinate the monthly EPC meetings with social mixers including museum visits, happy hours, and firm and project tours to name a few
  • Began the development of a consistent member-driven and member-organized study group for all 4 sections of the L.A.R.E.
  • Summarized and streamlined the often complicated information about “Becoming a Student Member of the ASLA” and the “Path to Licensure” in the form of inspiring and instructive infographics
  • Keep an eye on the EPC in 2014 and its quickly growing group of motivated design professionals. Watch us as we strengthen our Chapter with our motivation to make a difference. Feel free to contact me at if you would like to participate or have recommendations for the Emerging Professionals Committee.