By Delle Willett

A few years ago, I went to the San Diego County Fair and began at my favorite place, the garden displays. I was taken by a display designed by a young landscape architect named Navid (pronounced Na-veed) Mostatabi. It was a clean, modern design using materials I hadn’t seen before. At the time, Mostatabi’s business was an award-winning firm called Envision Landscape Studio.

Today it’s Land Aesthetic Inc., offering design/build services for projects all over California and San Diego County, with a focus on residential-scale, large estate-scale residences, and commercial properties. Land Aesthetic is known for clean modern designs using concrete, wood, and steel.

Mostatabi, 35, studied landscape architecture at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, graduating in 2006. He was originally drawn to a career in golf course architecture, so landscape architecture seemed like the path to take to end up in the golf-course-architecture world, he explained.

He chose this career because he had always been fond of sculpting the land since he was a kid.

“It started with building dirt bike jumps and continued into high school when I decided to build a golf putting green in our backyard,” Mostatabi said.

Mostatabi started his career working in a landscape architecture office and gradually transitioned into the construction management side of the landscape industry.

He confesses that the last couple of years he strayed from his natural roots and started listening to requests for artificial items like plastic lawns.

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