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San Diego Chapter of ASLA

To lead, to educate and to participate in the careful stewardship, wise planning and artful design of our cultural and natural environments.
A world where the built and natural environments coexist in harmony and sustainable balance; where all peoples can express their diverse heritage and their individual desires to grow and thrive; and where we, as a profession, can substantially contribute to the process of achieving these ends.

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Membership in ASLA offers many benefits. There are eight categories of membership, from student to corporate. When you join ASLA you will also need to choose “San Diego Chapter”. The Membership Application link below will help you find the type of membership that fits you best. You can apply online or through the mail. If you have any questions, please contact ASLA Member Services or call (888) 999-2752, or ASLA San Diego at (619) 283-8818.

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Contact Us

American Society of Landscape Architects San Diego Chapter
1050 Rosecrans Street, Suite B
San Diego, CA 92106

Phone: 619.283.8818
Fax: 619.222.8154
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San Diego Chapter 2018 Executive Board

Michael Brennan, ASLA
Michael Brennan, ASLAPresident
Carson Douglas Landscape Architecture
Phone: 619.995.1306
Philip Armstrong, ASLA
Philip Armstrong, ASLAPresident Elect
The Lightfoot Planning Group
Phone: 760.692.1924
Joe Cogswell, ASLA
Joe Cogswell, ASLATreasurer
Kimley Horn
Phone: 219.561.4435
Amy Chevalier, ASLA
Amy Chevalier, ASLASecretary
Naval Facilities Engineering Command
Phone: 619.532.1384
Nate Magnusson, ASLA
Nate Magnusson, ASLAPast President
Schmidt Design Group, Inc.
Phone: 619.236.1462
Jennifer Webster
Jennifer WebsterVice President - Community Outreach
JW Botanica
Phone: 530.737.3207
Jonathan S. Austin
Jonathan S. AustinVice President - Membership
Phone: 619.610.7725
Matthew MacLeod
Matthew MacLeodVice President - Programs/Education
Burton Studio
Phone: 858.794.7204
John Avila
John AvilaVice President - Programs/Social Activities
City of San Diego
Phone: 619.533.7548
Josef Guiterrez
Josef GuiterrezVice President - Visibility/Public Affairs
KTUA Landscape and Planning
Phone: 619.294.4477 x114
Mark Steyaert Jr.
Mark Steyaert Jr.Chapter Trustee
Landscape Architect
Phone: 760.822.7424
Martin Schmidt
Martin SchmidtCalifornia Council - ASLA Representative
ENVIRONS Landscape Architecture
Phone: 619.232.7007
Rich Risner
Rich RisnerCalifornia Council - ASLA Representative
Grounded Modern Landscape Architecture
Phone: 760.518.7106
Tracy Morgan Hollingworth
Tracy Morgan HollingworthExecutive Director
Phone: 619.283.8818
Fax: 619.222.8154

Committee Chairs

David McCullough
David McCulloughCode Update Com./Zoning Code Tech Com, City of San Diego
McCullough Landscape Architecture
Phone: 619.296.3150
Marian Marum
Marian MarumCounty Water Authority – Conservation Action Committee
Marum Partnership
Phone: 619.992.9533
Katie Aalund
Katie AalundEmerging Professionals Committee
Gillespie Moody Patterson
Phone: 858.558.8977
Erik Rowan
Erik RowanEmerging Professionals Committee
Rick Engineering
Phone: 973.941.1070
Phillip Barnes
Phillip BarnesGolf Committee
Urban Arena
Phone: 858.625.0112
Philip Armstrong
Philip ArmstrongGolf Committee
The Lightfoot Planning Group
Phone: 760.692.1924
Amy Hoffman
Amy HoffmanHALS Committee
Phone: 619.294.4477
Joe Esposito
Joe EspositoSan Dieguito River Park Citizens Advisory Committee
Estrada Land Planning
Phone: 619.236.0143
Michelle Landis
Michelle LandisStewardship Committee
Studio West Landscape Architecture and Planning
Phone: 619.840.4363
Mara Rosza
Mara RoszaSouthwestern College Student Affiliate Chapter Chair
Phone: 619.283.8818

San Diego Chapter Past Presidents

2017: Nate Magnusson
2016: Rich Risner
2015: Tim Smith
2014: Patricia Trauth
2013: Tim Jachlewski
2012: Jim Kuhlken
2011: David Reed
2010: Jim Taylor
2009: David McCullough
2008: Jon Wreschinsky
2007: Chris Gustard
2006: Chris Langdon
2005: Stephen Copley
2004: David Allan Taylor Jr.
2003: David Strickland
2002: Gary Pryor
2001: Laura Burnett
2000: Larry Sheehan
1999: Teresa Barker
1998: Joseph Esposito
1997: Gary Ruyle
1996: Robin Shifflet
1995: Mark Steyaert
1994: Kelly Broughton
1993: Patrick Caughey
1992: Glen Schmidt
1991: Marian Marum
1990: Nick DeLorenzo
1989: Keith Simon
1988: Rick Garbini
1987: Bill Burton
1986: Frank Kawasaki
1985: Gerald Garner
1984: Roger DeWeese
1983: Robert DeLacy
1982: Dennis Otsuji
1981: Vicki Estrada
1979: Ralph Stone
1978: Ron Teshima
1977: Stephen Halsey

California Council of ASLA 2017/2018 Executive Board

John Nicolaus, FASLA, Sierra Chapter

Vice President
Jim Schubert, ASLA, Sierra Chapter

Martin Schmidt, ASLA, San Diego Chapter

Elizabeth Boults, Northern CA Chapter

Government Affairs Liaison
Jim Pickel, ASLA, Southern California Chapter

LATC Resource
Patricia Trauth, ASLA, San Diego Chapter

Rich Risner, ASLA, San Diego Chapter

Tala Fatolahzadeh, Northern California Chapter

Jerry Hastings, ASLA, Southern California Chapter

Terri Thomas

Executive Director
Tracy Morgan Hollingworth

LATC Program Manager
Brianna Miller

ASLA National Executive Officers

ASLA National President: Vaughn B. Rinner, FASLA
ASLA National President Elect: Gregory A. Miller, FASLA
ASLA National Past President: Chad D. Danos, FASLA
Vice President Communications: Michael Stanley, ASLA
Vice President Education: David M. Cutter, ASLA
Vice President Finance: Jeffrey A. Townsend, FASLA
Vice President Professional Practice: Hunter L. Beckham, FASLA
Vice President Membership: Keith P. Wilson, ASLA
Vice President Government Affairs: Robin L. Gyorgyfalvy, FASLA
Executive Vice President: Nancy C. Somerville, Honorary ASLA

ASLA National Headquarters

636 Eye Street, NW
Washington, DC 20001-3736
Phone (202) 898-2444
FAX (202) 898-1185